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Robert Miller

Level Designer | 3D Artist

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About Me


Welcome Traveler! My name's Jake, I'm a Level Designer and 3D Artist from Tampa FL, seeking an Level Artist / Designer position at a game studio!

This is my first completed website! I'm using this as my portfolio to showcase my abilities, current skill level and potential for future growth and development as a Level Designer and 3D artist. With this site and all my future work I aim to conceptualize the IMPOSSIBLE, and create the UNFORGETTABLE!
This site is a labor of love, and is always changing and growing with my own learning advancements, so it's an ongoing Work In Progress!

Personal Projects


Celestial Strike

Celestial Strike is a game that I am developing in my spare time. Heavily inspired by classic PC titles, like Unreal Tournament, Tribes 2, and Halo. This video showcases the movement and physics that have currently been implemented. The player is currently a cylinder, but has the ability to freely maneuver through the environment and use physics to increase momentum and movement speed in a fun and dynamic way.

Halo 2 Project Cartographer Level Showcase


This was the first map I had ever designed working within the Halo 2 devkit engine.

A simple map inspired by the final set piece of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, that furthered my understanding and interest in game and level design.


This map was inspired by the Timesplitters 2 map: Ice Station.

Introducing those elements into my workflow, and through lots of trial and error, I was very proud of this level design as it's a visual representation of the scope and scale of my projects growing.


My most recent level design was an attempt to add a map that would fit within the Halo 2 universe and followed along similar layout and design principles as the original developers had created.

These level design projects further developed my abilities when it comes to working with new engines and modding capabilities! Culminating in an understanding of how to develop projects that utilize level design principles, and game knowledge to deliver engaging player experiences.

๐Ÿ† OSRS Video Competition Winner ๐Ÿ†

First place in the 2021 Old School Runescape Video Competition for my entry; taking on multiple roles in the production process as a designer, narrative writer, editor, and voice actor.

Contact Me


Phone: 563-542-2383

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I try to post all of my Artwork and Designs here!


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